Dedicate a Brick, Bench or Plaque

Personalized bricks, benches or seats in our historic Auditorium, Upstairs Theater or Planetarium are the perfect way to honor a graduate, a favorite teacher, an ETHS alumnus or anyone else connected to Evanston Township High School. Your gifts support the ETHS Educational Foundation and its unique mission. Inscribed bricks and bench plaques are installed in select areas around campus several times throughout the year.


  • Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible

  • Each bench plaque inscription is limited to 100 characters (spaces count)

  • The standard size brick (4-1/8"x 6-7/8") allows 3 lines of text with 14 characters per line

  • The large size brick (6-7/8" x 8-1/4") allows 6 lines of text with 14 characters per line

  • Bricks can be installed at the Door #2 entrance (formerly the Bacon School Entrance), student bike compound and athletic walkway, or tennis courts

  • A nameplate installed on a seat in the Planetarium/Upstairs Theatre/Softball grandstand allows 3 lines of text with 28 characters per line

  • All text will be standard size, font, and style

  • All inscriptions are subject to approval by ETHS

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Questions? Contact:

Joanne Bertsche

Executive Director, ETHS Foundation