Guaranteeing Access to Excellence for All

Current Projects

Current Projects

Current Projects

Current Projects

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Equitable Resources & Student Assistance

  • Registration fee assistance and forgiveness
  • Music Scholarship Fund
  • Closing the Digital Divide
  • Literacy Lab resources and professional training

​New & Improved Facilities

  • This year the Foundation is supporting student futures by creating a new health science center that will expose students to careers in nursing and medical technology. Students will be able to obtain certifications in a growing and evolving field with endless career opportunities.

  • The Foundation will also be transforming the South Community room into a dynamic, flexible, future driven multi-purpose learning space. Soon to be dedicated as Alumni Hall, the new learning environment will combine leading-edge digital technology and modular furniture that ignites collaborative learning to unleash unique intellectual and social energy. These two dynamic spaces will instill pride and inspire today’s Wildkits to follow their own dreams.

​STEAM Programs​

  • Senior Capstone STEAM Innovation & Design Course
  • Geometry in Construction

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