YOU have helped build new spaces. YOU have helped transform the campus, 

YOU have instilled Wildkit pride.

Your commitment makes a difference in the life of every ETHS student!

We are grateful to our many generous supporters this year! Donations received July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 (as of June 26, 2019)

VISIONARY $100,000 +

Michael B. Arrington

Leonard and Pamela Schaeffer


CATALYSTS $50,000 to $99,999

Yvonne Randlev

Gordon and Carole Segal


LEADERS $25,000 - $49,999


The Owen L. Coon Foundation

Richard and Shirley Plotzker


CHALLENGERS $10,000 - $24,999


Ken and Nancy Arlen

Cless Family Foundation

Crown Family Philanthropies

Ruth and Nelson J. Culver

Emerald Gate Charitable Trust

Paul and Mary Finnegan

Susan Moore Gobel

Craig and Michal Golden

Joanne Schalk

John Shea

Joshua Spitz

Stanley & Dorothy Winter Fund - Jewish Community Fdn.

Tom and Janet Unterman


INNOVATORS $5,000 - $9,999

Abbott Laboratories Fund Employee Giving Campaign

Terry and Leslie Bowie

Sarah and William Burggraf

John and Daphne Cunningham

Richard and Jean Doub

Finnegan Family Foundation

Henry and Laurie Wiss Latimer

Mark Vend Company

Samuel Murdough

Elaine Borland Purnell and

Cathleen Purnell Podell

Ann B. Stevens

Clay Struve

The Davee Foundation

The Schroeder Foundation

The Steele Foundaion

Wells Fargo YourCause - Matching Gifts Program

Wintrust Financial Corporation

INVESTORS $2,500 - $4,999


John Berry and Carrie Jeffers

Daniel Cedarbaum and Caryn Jacobs

ETHS Class of 1978

Greg Cook

Nancy Cunniff and Alan Zunamon

Byline Bank

Eileen and David Hallstrom

George and Lisa Hess

Jeanne and David Husain

Kevin and Stephanie Kelly

Raymond Parmer and Moira Harding

Ronald Perlove

David Sacks

Bill and Ingrid Stafford


ADVOCATES $1,000 - $2,499

Rob and Carrie Andalman

Apple Matching Gifts Program

Cinda Axley

Warren and Cindy Baker

Thomas and Pat Barmore

Julie Barton and Pat Garcia

Stephen Becker

Elizabeth Bergmann

Joanne and Tom Bertsche

Sara and Robert Brenner

Judson and Gabrielle Brooks

Caitlin and James Brown

Michael and Maureen Browne

Michael Chamberlin and Caroline Kane

John and Patricia Coghlan

Committee to Support D65 Referendum

Country Financial

Christine Cozzens and Ronald Calabrese

Daspin and Aument, LLP.

Elizabeth Beidler Tisdahl Foundation

R. Mark Epstein

ETHS Class of 1961

ETHS Class of 1977

Evanston Athletic Club

Michael and Stephanie Fine

Andrew Fisher

Francis Beidler Foundation

Franczek Radelet P.C.

David Futransky and Nancy Liebman

Coley Gallagher and Brian Heckler

Sarah Ghantous and Brett Stein

Robert and Barb Gault

Robert and Julie Gordon

Heather L. Gornik

Carson and Allison Greene

Hagerty Consulting

Alison Hawley and Greg Schoeffmann

Dr. Standiford Helm and Noel Helm

Philip and Cheryl Holm

Kirk and Kim Hoopingarner

Edward and Jeannine James

John J. Cahill INC

Dan and Suzanne Kanter

Walter Keevil

Kiwanis Club of Evanston

Rick Kolsky and Anne Jacobson

James and Mary Lavelle

Stephanie and Mark Layden

Thomas and Joan Lindsey

Bob and Betsy Littel

Dennis E. Lopatin

Holly Madigan

David Maltz '85 and Antje Kann

Jessica Mandel and Tom Underberg

Jeff and Letitia Mann

Clayton and Kathy Mark

Dorothy Marston

Christopher May

Russell and Anne Mayerfeld

Todd and Sasha McCarthy

Bill & MaryAnn McGrath

Mary Lou McPhillips

Willie and Clothield Miller

Judy Newton

Sheila Nielsen

Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Katharine Slight O'Brien

Sally Pofcher

John and Merry Ann Pratt

John R. Pringle '60 and Beverly S. Mitchell

Tracy Quattrocki and Neal Brady

John and Julie Rapisarda

Betty Reeder

John Relias


Karin Ruetzel and Antony Burt

Spencer and Elizabeth Seufert

Shell Oil Company Foundation Matching Gifts

Marcey (Ganet) and Kenneth Siegel

Marynell O'Brien Simkoff

Maureen and Ron Sippel

Ronald and Kathy Sonenthal

Matthew and Susan Struve

Studio GC Architecture + BIM

Robert E. Thomas

Katy and Scott Walker

Stephen and Leslie Warner

Kristen and Michael Watson

Dr. Eric Witherspoon and Cynthia Witherspoon

$500 - $999

Barbara and Phil Albright

Richard A. Anderson

Jonathan Art

Frank and Kimberely Barbaro

Ruth James Berdick

The CC Homies

Dr. Ronald Champagne and Nani Moazzam

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Coney

Tom Davis

Barbara and Jack Dawson

Luciano De Angelis

Kathryn B. Donovan

Eddie and Karen Doucette

Diane Drobnis

Robert and Joyce Dunn

Nancy Emrich Freeman

Christopher Fiegen

Jean and Andy Fies

Helene Full

Sarah and Rod Gardner

Richard A. Giesen Jr.

Lynn E. Gilchrist

Dr. Philip Gorelick and Bonnie Gorelick

Lynn Hammell

David G. Hartman

Catherine Hayden and Thomas Carmichael

Patrick Hughes and Kathy Tisdahl


Gail Whitelaw Joy

Susan Kaplan

Erika G. King

Drs. Elaine and Ismail Kisisel

Gregory and Nancy Klaiber

John and Susan Klayman

Yves Lassere

Ronald and Susan Levy

David Lieb and Anne Gendler

Margaret and Joel Lipman

Janice J. Liten and Michael D. Schnur

David and Mary Ann Makoutz

Sarah Martin

Norma May

Todd McGonagle

Deborah Murphy McManus

Eric Meyer and Renee Page Meyer

David and Maria Molton

James & Patricia O'Conor

Tara Mark and Geoffrey Oltmans

James Ossyra and Carol Remen

Paine Charitable Fund

Mary L. Pierson

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Port

Erik and Ingrid Priede

Edward and Judith Provost

Paul Rapisarda and Wendy Sullivan

Andrea and Peter Reinhart

Mary Rodino and Rich Homer

Michele Rogers

Dr. Michael Rosewall and Ellen Rosewall

Robert Sahadevan

Renee Schleicher

William Schmidt and Lisa Kaeser

Charles and Elizabeth Schroeder

Kathy and Bob Slaughter

Ross Sloan

Christa Sorenson and Daniel Ortegon

Glen Spear and Myra Wagner

Kate and Alvin Spector

William J. Stinchcomb

Carmelina and Gregory Stoklosa

Ted and Gail Struve

Ronald and Julie Thalheimer

The Myers Family

Dr. Bruce E. Unterman and Linda Unterman

Kimberly Webster and David Cella

Julie Weiler

Jeff Willemain

Sally H. WiseWrigley Company Foundation

$250 - $499

Jaime Alberts

Kay and Roger Allen

Judith W. Anderson

Diane Asaro

Michael and Cam Axelrood


Marc Baum and Steve Dillworth

Peter Bavis and Margaret Perlia-Bavis

Berglund Animal Hospital

The Braeutigam Family

Dr. and Mrs. George M. Bridgeforth

Becky Bailey Bristol

Kristy and Steve Brown

Chris Brummett

Jan Van Mieghem and Shannon Cahill

Pamela and Christopher Cain

Capital Group Companies

Charitable Foundation

Erika and Noah Carey

Michael and Mary Carpenter

Don Casey

Cheryl Rohlfs & Associates, Ltd.

Danny W. Chun

Hugh and Sigred Coyle

Current Events Class of Evanston

The Darragh Family

Amy Davis and Lee Nagan

Morton and Reva Denlow

Walter and Joyce Derlacki

Michael and Carolyn Dessent

Roger Dewes

David and Sandra Dotter

Grant Duers

Brendan J. Duffy

Carol Eckman

Harlene Ellin

Joan Platt Ellis

Louis and Jacqueline English

Kathy and Mark Fisher

Martha Fordon

Bernard Foster

Craig Freedman

Robert and Barbara Fuller

Derrin J. Fund and Regina Rochez

Steven and Anne Gilford

Gingold Legal

Abby Goddard

Dr. Roger Goldberg and Elena Nocera

Carrie Goldman Segall and Andrew C. Segall

Jay Goldring and Laurie Woog Goldring

David and Lizzie Graham

Larry N. Grote

Cornelia Grumman

Myron and Barbara Gutmann

Brian Hanson and Karen Alter-Hanson

Jim Harper

Jenna and Michael Harrington

Jack R. Harris

Jonathan Harris

Larry and Julia Hart

Heart Certified Auto Care

Doug and Linda Honnold

Peggy and Alan Hoskin

Lynn Utterback Ingram

Julie and Robert Jensen

Elaine and Matthew Moy Johnson

Wendy Kaplan and Stephen Haack

Kellermeyer Godfryt Hart, P.C.

Becky and Jeff Kremin

Kevin and Joan Lafferty

Scott and Elizabeth Lassar

Shawn K. Lazier

Jan Bowers and Will Linder

Rebecca Lipson

Loberg Construction

Peter and Susan Lodal

Cheryl J. Lulias and Peter A. O'Brien

Nicole Jacob Marks and Perry Marks

Alfred and Carol McConnell

Evan McGinley

Cynthia Mejia


Mary and Eric Mollman

Molly Mullen

Imogene D. Napper

Brian & Tara Norris

Robert and Linda Olin

Jesse Opdycke

Christa Ortegon

Jason and Jan Parkin

Steven Perlut

Walter Perrin

Chip Peters and Cynthia Wilson

Dr. Jose R. Quero and Rita Marie Quero

Andrea and Stuart Rich

Bruce M. Romain

Ellen Rosenblum and Richard Meeker

Lila Corn Rosenweig

Anthony and Jane Rothschild

Zev Salomon

David Schultz

Kathie Skoglund

Debora and Michael Sear

Jon Seed and Alex Piper

Naini Serohi

Richard and Leslie Sevcik

Douglas C. Shaker and Katherine Rollins

Sheppard Shanley

Theodore and Jan Ester Short

Corky and Bill Siegfriedt

Jonathan E. Singer

Meg and Rick Slayton

Esther Spodek and Brian Ostrow

Katie Stallcup and Tom Mustoe

William and Pamela Swales

Peggy and Don Tarkington

Ann and Peter Tarpey

Mark and Joannie Ter Molen

The Mabadi Group

The Narup Group

The Pacific Life Foundation

Kathleen Buffington and Steven Thompson

Maury Tigner

The Honorable Elizabeth B. Tisdahl


Ray Wagner and Anne Vela-Wagner

Anne Wagner

Joyce Anne Wainio and John Fulcher

Tom Walder

Rita Watts-Ollie and Reggie Ollie

Karen and Norman Werd

A.C. Wexler

James and Peggy White

Linda Williams Rorem

Mark and Margie Zivin

$100 - $249


Abbvie Employee Engagement Fund

Marc Abramson

Barbara and Jon Achenbaum

Langdon Alger

Allan Alson and Sue Ann Glaser

Thomas and Rosalie Amos

Marcy and Larry Anderson

Paul Anderson

Mary N. Aspegren

Jean Augensen

Betty Axelson-McClelland

Wynn and Katie Bailey

Jane and Lee Bannor

Raymond and Lois Barnett

Craig P. Baskin

Laura and John Baumann

Emilie P. Beck

Raphe Beck

Betty P. Behmke

Bob '51 and Carolyn Behr

Svetlana Bekman

Bradley S. Black

Anne L. Boas

Robert '67 and Karen Bohrer

Geoffrey Bonn

Peter and Judith Bordwell

Donna Brown

Keith and Harriet Bruns

Harry B. Burke

Deborah Burns

Edith and Kenneth Burns

Devorah Buzil

Sandra and Paul Byrne

Robert and Cheryl Byron

Jill and Philip Calian

Franz and Laura Calixte

Joan Cherry and John Cara

Christopher Carlson and Martha Anderson

Patricia Carroll

William and Liz Chalberg

CIT Bank, N.A.

Barry and Lorraine Clark

John and Bonnie Clarke

Stephanie and Peter Clemson

Bud Close and Marilyn Franklin

Coca-Cola Company

Mark Cohan

Lee and Margaret Cohn

David Cole

Steve Cole and Kitty Fish

Michael Combopiano

William H. Cooley Jr.

Laura Cooper

The Cousineau Family

Robert and Michele Crane

Dr. William E. Cross Jr.

Kara Cummings

Rian Davis and Jeremy Perney

Fred L. De Leeuw

Luke and Shannon DeCock

Hariet A. Dehlinger

Margaret Doesfeld Denny

Jory A. D. Des Jardins

James and Diane Dexter

Marc and Lisa Dorfman

Rick Doyle and Sam Doyle

Beverley and Fletcher Driscoll

Elizabeth Dworkin Hinds

Marshall Eisenberg

Michael Eisenstein

Stephen J. Ellmann and Teresa Delcorso

Dr. Catharine Enright

and Dr. Walton H. Reeves

Entertainment Cruises

Susanna and Helmut Epp

ETHS Class of 1956

ETHS Girls Lacrosse

Patrick and Coni Farragher

Peter Faustino

Marla & Michael and Michael Felvey

John and Linda Ferren

Sarah and Richard Fielding

Paul and Rebecca Fields

Susan and Martin Fine

Robert Finger

Robert and Beth Footlik

Julia Forgash

Milton M. Frank

Matthew and Lisa Frederick

Robert L. Friedlander

Donald J. Friedman and

Rhona Wolfe FriedmanSono Fujii

Warren and Sharon Gaskill

Jami and Frank Gattuso

Bill and Beth Geiger

Christopher J. Gibbons

Nancy Glick and Michael Finnegan

Lawrence and Cathrine Goldberg

Seline Goloven

Linda and Vic Goodiel


Slade Gorton

Mary Hair and Newell Graham

Suellen and Jeffrey Grassle

Dan Greenberger

Lisa Greene

Jody and Carl Grube

Eleanor E. Grumman

Cohen & Hacker Architects LLC

Jeffrey Hadan

Mary Kay Halston

Harry and Margaret Hampton

Dick and Celo Hartman

Joshua Hauser and Juliet Bromer

Betty  and Paul Hauser

Tim Hedges

Fredrick Hess


Alan Hilder

Ronald and Carol Hindin

Andrea and Edward Hockfield

Gil Hoel

James and Diana Holman

Deborah Horwitz and Paul Nierman

Stephen and Katie Hoskins

Hillis Howie Jr.

Sadie A. Hurwitz

Sally Schnering Hutchins

Teddy Huyck

Tamara and James Ilaria

Daniel and Kay Israelite

Pamela and James Johnson

Robert S. Johnston

Malcolm and Kay Kamin

Mark and Cheryl Kaplan

Alvin and Wilhelmine Karsten

Ellen and Thomas Kenemore

Frances and Paul Kent

Nirvair A. Khalsa Jr.

Neil and Diana King

Taya Kinzie

Debra J. Kirch

Susan L. Klein and Roy Crummer

Dennis W. Knox

S. M. Kozubek and Mary Swanton

Margaret and David Kritzler

Elizabeth and Stephen Krupkin

Jeffrey and Nicole Landsman

Deborah Langerman

Margaret W. Langguth

Michele Lazar

Gilbert D. Lee

Kristin Lems

Karen Levitas

Deborah Linder

Fran Livatino

Daniel and Martha Lloyd

Ellen and Chuck Logan

Heidi and Ned Lott

Bruce and Lia Lowrie

Meg and Ben Luebkeman and Sara Later

Anne Ferren Lynagh

Joan B. Lynch

Deborah Lyons

Jeffrey and Susanne Lyons

Nancy B. Lyons

Rev. Dr. James G. Macdonell

and Mrs. Nancy D. Macdonell

Cordelia A. Maloney

Jim and Laura Maloney

Dan and Lynne Mapes-Riordan

Daniel and Susan Maslauski

Huntington S. Mason

Peter and Leila Mattson

Theresa Maylone

Tom and Anita McAuliffe

Wallace McCallum

Janet C. McGill

Cele McGonagle

Daniel and Barbara Melber

Sheila Merry and Thomas Pitt

Mark Metz and Noreen Edwards-Metz

Jennifer Meyers

Stephanie Michel

Robert W. Mikolainis

Robert E. Morgan

Heather Morrison

Steven and Nehama Morton

Vicki Munch

Sarah and Michael Muyres

Penelope Neilson


Dr. and Mrs. Mephie-Mbuya Ngoi

Eunice and James Nondorf

Gordon Nuber

Tom and Cathy Omundson

Stuart and Sarah Opdycke

Bonnie and William Orr

John Ossyra

Penelope Paine

Peter and Margie Parcell

Chuck and Edna Park

Mr. and Mrs. Horace R. Parker

Altran Payne

James Perkins and Jane Sisco Perkins

Elizabeth G. Pontikes

The Porter Family

Nicholas Potter

Rosemary Werner Putnam

Sally Raedle

Diane Ragalie


Robert and Patricia Reece

Janet Neiman Reed

Shari and Stephen Reiches

Douglas Reifler and Susan Weissman

Christopher Reinhard

Evelyn Ransdell Richer

Debra Richman

Chuck and Nancy Rickett

Rev. Wilson Roane and Susan Roane

Daniel and Jennifer Robin

Catherine and Bart Rocca

Gordon and Nancy Persons Rockafellow

Mimi and Craig Roeder

Marjorie O. Roeder

Steven S. Rogers

John and Brenda Rood

Marilyn Rose

Debbi Rosenstein

Judy Rubovits

Sharon L. Sachse


Scott and Jane Samuelson

David and Judith Saunders

Edward Schaefer

Elizabeth and Sid Schenkier

Gary C. Schieneman

Judy and David Schiffman

William and Elizabeth Schmidt

Marjorie A. Schmitz

James R. Schueler

Andrew C. Segall

Jim and Mimi Wishner Segel

John Sellers and Karen Sonnicksen

Dennis R. Sershon

Anne Shafer

Carol Shanesy

Justin Sheehy

Sibley and Company

Stephen Siegel

William B. Smith

Marcia Smith-Wood and Steven Wood

Perry and Leslie Smulson

William and Ingrid Stafford

Charles and Renate Staley

Trimmy and Neal Stamell

Marjorie Steiger

Robert M. Stein

Richard and Loretto Steinmetz

Malcolm and Ellen Stern

Richard M. Stickrod

Howard Stillman

Sandra Stone '73

Sam and Mary Stowell

Julie E. Strauss and Joel F. Brown

Suits 20/20

Danielle Sproul Sullivan

Mayumi Swanson

Kay and Larry Tanner

Robert B. Tarkington

The Boeing Company Gift

Match/BPAC Program

James and Susan Thompson

TIAA Serves

Barbara Turvett and Edward Pauly

Alice Tybout and Brian Sternthal

Terry Unterman

VMWare Foundation

Yolanda and Joseph Waddell

Adam and Teri Wadsworth

Craig and Linda Walker

Amy and John Ward

Michael Warmington

Eric Wedel


Richard Westerfield

and Betsy Meisenheimer

Ruth Wheeler

William C. Whiting and Helen A. Reetz

Phil and Carole Whittemore

Celia and Stanley Wilk

Lesley Williams

James S. Wilson

Mary Jane and Jeremy Wilson

Betty Winer

Mark and Mary Winter

Katherine Wolf

Marcia and Steven Wood

Melissa Wynne and David Foster

Karen Young

Ellen R. Zemel

Jeanne Zimmer and Alfred Steinke


Up to $100


Roland  and Lois Abrahamson

Mary Alonzi

Ross Altman

Amazon Smile

Barbara J. (Miller) Anderson

Suzanne Arist

Kevyn and Augusta Arthur

Marshall and Carole Auerbach

Fabrizio Balcazar and

Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar

Edwin and Pamela Ballard

Dr Sandra Barkan

Wiiliam L. Barron

Mark A. Baskin

Linda and Carl Bendorf

Bruce Beneke

Richard Berlinger

Sarah Berlyn

Susan Bernstein and Dr. Ira Bernstein

Emily Berry

Michael Bigsby and Ann Waring

Robert Blasdell

Elizabeth A. Blodgett and Jonathan Don

Mardon and Steve Blomgren

Julie and Tony Bordo

Lynn and James Boutross

Robert L. Bowen

Kemi Brandon

J Brandon

Bob and Gail Brodsky

Earl and Andrea Brody

Juliet Bromer

Alison Van Swearingen Brown '64

Derrick L. Brown

Mary Brown

Jeanine Brownell

Eric Bryn

John and Roberta Buchanan

Carol Buck

Sally Buell Sheinberg

Claudia Bulbucan

Margery K. Calhoun

Carrie Calkins

David and Lynn Carlson

Dr. Letitia G. Carlson

and Dr. William E. Carlson

Dr. Vicki Caron

Victoria Cetina

Mary Choldin

Arthur Clutters

Larry D. Cohen

Thomas and Alice Coldren

Jacque Comroe

Janice Conner

Barret and Dorothy Coppock

Ann Cunniff and Robert Carraro

Ellen Raedle Davis '79

Kingsley Day

Margaret and Glen Denny

Richard H. Divine

Robert W. Donigan

Gretchen Doninger

Keith and Donna Dunbar

John Dunn

Marissa Elliot

Jeffrey and Stephanie Emrich

Jay and Priscilla Engeln

Nancy Ethiel

ETHS Class of 1968

Jerome Ettinger

Lobin Family

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Fay

Roger K. Fisher

Mary Ellen and Steve Fitzsimonds

Thomas Flanagan and Loida Rosario

Missy Fleming and Jack Block

Edward Forscher

Cindy and Steve Franklin

Joyce Franklin

Marcia and Arthus Freeman

Elliot and Tamar Frolichstein-Appel

Midori Fujii

Allen Gabor

Michael and Donna Garfield

Romola and Mark Georgia

Amy Gertler

Michael Gevers

Margaret and Michael Goldberg

Shelly J. Goldstein

Joe Goodman and Sallea Wood Goodman

Zoe Goodman

Marc and Carol Gordon

Elizabeth Greene

Solomon Greene

Sally Greenwood

Amy J. Hackenberg

William and Christy Haller

Ian Hansen

Sue Hartman and Patrick Caffee

Cullen Harwood

Charles Hewitt and Cynthia Ventre-Hewitt

Patricia and Donald Heyse

Gregg and Carol Hiatt

Victoria Hilkevitch

Laura Hohnhold and Andrew Otting

Sanford Horn

Donald and Suzanne Hudson

Robyn & Elliott and Robyn Hurtig

Andrea W. Idelman

David and Margaret Jackson

Douglas and Leslie James

James and Michelle Jenkins

Ed and Tammy Job

David and Rochelle Jones

Chester L. Jones

Lawrence and Linda Jones

Eden Juron Pearlman and Neal Pearlman

Fred Kahn

James E. Kath

Maureen and Chris Kenney

John T. Kessler

Stephanie Keywell

Bruce D. Killips

Octavia Kincaid

Donley Klug

Erskine and Kathryn Klyce

Ryan K. Knohl

Kay Komie

Jane Koten

Bradly and Susan Kovin

Arthur Krill

Ann Goldenberg Krone

Ian and Sarah Laing

Amy Lammers

Timothy Landfield

Jennifer Langel

Ann M. LeClair

Portia Leet

Kwesi Leggett

Laura Lein and Benjamin Kuipers

Dr. Eli Leland

Dr. Robert M. Levin and Lisa Solinas

Benjamin Levy

Nathan Lewandowski

Jeffrey and Anita Liebman

Mark A. Lipowicz

Richard Locke

Lakesha Lockett

Kristine Lofquist

William H Logan Jr.

William Logan

Elizabeth L. Loughran

James D. Loux

Sheila Love and Patrick Carroll

George Lowman

Daniel Lowman

Charles and Denise Lueth

Chad and Leslie Luning

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lyon

Kevin Mack

Gwen Macsai and Paul Goren

Herbert Malkind

Christine and Craig Marbet

Geoffrey and Katherine Marchant

Raymond and Cecilia Mariella

George B. Martin

Adam Masters and Family

Michael Matek

Shirley and Benjamin Matlock

George McBean

Evelyn McGowan

Dr. Bobbie McKay and Lewis Musil

Margaret McRaith

Allison M. Mead

Linda Meyer

Kathy Miehls

Barbara A. Miller

Renee F. Miller

Stanton and Peggy Miller

Isabella Miller

Peyton Miller

Jill and Korak Mitra

Matthew and Sharon Mitzen

Kaitlin Montes

Michael and Tracy Morel

Douglas and Mary Moring

MTS Systems Corporation

Charlotte C. Murphy

Jerome Murphy

Leslie and Steve Murphy

Stephanie Murray

Brett Myers

Anita Myerson

Paul W. Nakazawa

Christine Haynes Negley

William J. Neilson

Ginny Schmidt Newman

Elizabeth NicholsAmy Niemira

Susan Nord

Robert and Anna Nudelman

Kelly and Kelly Oldfield

Dean Olsen

William and Jeanne Olson

Lee R. Olson

Christina Padilla

David and Mary Park

Noah Parker

Greg Philipaitis and Naomi Hirsch

Noa Polish

Lori and David Polster

The Hon. John E. Porter

Leon and Judy Provencher

Rosemary Quinn

Robert and Ghislaine Rabin

Lynn Rainville

Pat Park Reed

Jackie Rhodes

Thomas and Susan Richards

Juliette Robert

David and Lissa Roberts

Kay C. Roberts

Keith and Sharon Robinson

Deidre Robinson

Susan Roche

Hamilton Rosenberg Family

Lonnie Ross

Ben M. Roth

Bettina V. Rousos

Robert and Doris Rowe

Lynda Rush and Bob Wong

Dr. Bonnie Saks and Bradley Minnen

Dean and Arlene Scane

Liz Schaps

Sarah Schmidt and Scott Coren

Rosalind B. Schmitt

Bernard and Kim Schoenburg

Jeffrey Schubert

Andrew Schultz

Ann and John Searles

Matt Seeberg

Patricia M. Shanahan

Enid Shapiro

Sally Buell Sheinberg

Steven K. Shevick and Linda J. MacKenzie

Gordon Siegfriedt

Sharon Slack

David A. Smart

Carl S. Smith

David H. Smith

Rachael Sobotka

Haris Sofradzija

Janet and Eric Somers

Robert I. Spiegel

Sabrina Stark

Gwen and Mark Stein

Aviva Stein

Dale C. Stempel Jr.

Keir Stewart

Elizabeth and Kevin Stover

Juliana Struve

Natalie E. Struve

Cheryl R. Suchors

Kelsey Sullivan

Gregory Sultan and Carol Johnson

Greg Sultan

Heather H. Sweeney

Judy Swem

Susan L. Swift

Lori A. Switzer

John Tankin

John R. Thelin

Cheri L. Themer

John and Kathy Thiel

Eleanor Thompson

Wendy Thompson

Debra Richman Trachtenberg '74

Diane L. Trenbeth

Mary and Bruno Trouille

Beth Tucker

Albert Turner Jr.

Dr. Marny Turvill

John and Mary Jane Twohey

Nina Uziel-Miller and Richard Miller

William T. Van Kirk Jr.

Teresa Veras

Dayna C. Walker

Carmen and Paul Wallace

Lisette Washington

Marla Waterman-Peltzer

Maudette Watley

Dr. Robert I. Watson Jr.

Robert I Watson Jr

Bonnie Wefler

Caryl I. Weinberg

Marc Weininger and Chris Bittle

Vera and Myles Weintraub

Tiffany and Brad Weiss

Michael and Edwenna Werner

Robert and Pamela Wham

Emma E. White

Robert and Ann Wieczorowski

Margery and William Wightman

Paul Williams

Chris Wolfe

Warren W. Wolfe

Deborah L. Wood and Tom McNamee

Jane and Thomas Wuellner

Gregory Wynn

Elizabeth Zaslow

Zwick and Straus Family

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