ETHS Auditorium Sound and Lighting

Our landmark ETHS Auditorium is a stately performance venue treasured by the entire school and the broader Evanston community.  It is home to theater productions, concerts, graduation ceremonies, lectures and countless events that reach a diverse range of students, families, staff and guests. This year, the ETHS Foundation is undertaking a major initiative to transform the outdated infrastructure in the fourteen hundred seat facility. The current lighting and sound systems date back to the opening of the Auditorium in 1958, predating the digital age by decades.  Adding state-of-the-art digital sound and lighting equipment will dramatically improve productions and programs, providing enhanced acoustics and lighting design that match the caliber of our exceptional student performances. An added bonus:  The auditorium also serves as a learning space and students interested in stage production careers will have the opportunity to work with the latest technology. Advancements like this vastly improve the student experience and would not be possible if it were not for the generosity of our alumni, parents and friends who value the ETHS experience for all students.

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